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At Commercial Quest NW these words are not a mantra, they are my mission. Perhaps it’s your first foray into this confusing world of words, terms and expectations you don’t understand. Maybe you are ready to move to a bigger space, or buy your own commercial building. Perhaps you are a savvy investor looking for the right broker to sell or lease your commercial property. Whatever stage you are at, it is a smart move to engage the services of an experienced, competent commercial broker with a proven track record of results to assist you.

Where you locate is one of the most important business decisions you will make. It needs to fit your budget, meet your specific requirements and work for your employees and customers – in a nutshell it needs to be the right fit. The pendulum has shifted as the market has rebounded. Rents starting to see increases and rental concessions are down, as landlords have more options. If you are thinking of moving your company make sure to give yourself the time to find the right space and work with a broker who can help you uncover the best options available.

Here’s where working with a knowledgeable experienced broker is key. We can save you time by locating the spaces that meet your needs, set up and coordinate the tours, draft up the lease proposal with your input. We can save you money by providing you with critical current market data, so need to make an informed offer and negotiate the best deal you can.

Cindy Brown is the founder and principal broker of Commercial Quest NW, a locally owned commercial real estate company based in Bend, Oregon. Cindy has been actively involved in commercial real estate brokerage since 1997, selling and leasing commercial and industrial property. Learn more
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